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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Best of luck with your purchase.

However, there is no sense in knocking other companies who offer decent products at higher prices. There is a lot of capital that gets invested in these types of things, and the better the product, the more R&D is involved and thus it demands a higher price. Often times there are threads that are in regards to why people are paying more for products on the M3 in comparison to other cars. Well the simple answer is, M3 customers have a much higher level of standards for what they are willing to purchase and the products needs to reflect and respect this demand. This will obviously drive up price, but will also promise longevity and quality.

Unfortunately there will always be a few companies here and there that pop out of the woodwork, demand a high price and deliver a less than mediocre product. Over time these weed themselves out.

In some areas your right, alot of R&D goes into the more expensive products witch is understandable. However charging $5000 for an exhaust system ( no headers mind you) is kind of outlandish.

If your exhaust company took a big hit from developing an exhaust system for a market that is fairly small compared to other vehicles then you should not be making exhaust systems for that specific car. Its simply crazy spending that much money on a polished stainless steel pipe.

For example Borla, They make very nice sounding exhaust but they have money coming in for their R&D from civics to Ferrari's so their is no reason to charge $5000 for an m3 catback .

In any case the AKRA system is one of the nicest sounding systems on the market for the M3, But not $5000 nice. Thats a down payment on a new M3 LMAO!.