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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
focus confirm only works on Nikon as far as I know, Canon version doesn't even have it, hence the $50 difference I suppose.
my Canon plans for it will be video only until I replace my D3 with the 1Dx. Excited to test its abilities on a wedding this weekend - i just hope it focuses as well as the 35L (no lag or jumping of the image while focusing).
Some folks have claimed that the Nikon focus confirm chip, when coupled with the right EOS adapter, will allow focus confirm on a Canon. I'm just wondering if that's true.

I hear it's easy to focus this lens if you have one of the dedicated focusing screens in the higher end Canons (ee-s?). Once I get a 7D, I may put a split-prism screen in the T1i and use it as a dedicated MF body for the Roki line of lenses.

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