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Now that daylight time is almost over, video game season is upon us. I might pick up a copy.

I used to LOVE playing Day of Defeat on the PC (like a WWII Team Fortress). It was a fairly slow-paced, more realistic team based FPS (ie you can't just sprint and jump around every where).

I don't play PC any more. My problem with online xbox FPS games are...
1) I play maybe a few hours a week. I can't compete with the 12 year olds or unemployed geeks who play 8-15 hours per day. I'm looking for more casual gaming, and have a hard time finding it
2) I'm still not nearly as skilled with the controller as I was with the mouse and keyboard
3) I used to pick a handful of servers and play with the same few groups of like-minded guys. How do I do that on xBox?

If anyone has solutions, I might pick up a copy and play with you guys. My handle is "carves" (My handle is based on a skiing forum I joined years ago)