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HP Autosport | AFE high flow air filter For the E9X M3

This is a brand new release from AFE.

A simple drop-in replacement for your E90/92 M3.

54% flow increase over stock.

Pro 5R
(Progressive Media, 5-Layers, Racing) For street rods, tuners and asphalt shredders (track/street only)

aFe's Pro5R Media offers the highest airflow while providing outstanding filtration (98.6% cumulative filter efficiency). With 5 layers of progressively finer medical grade cotton gauze sandwiched between two aluminum screens. This type of media will give you least amount of air restriction and lowest possible exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's). It is ideal for vehicles that only see highway driving, or for those who want to build the most horsepower.

Media Type: Progressive 5 layer cotton gauze

Air Flow: Up to 75% increase over stock**

Filtration Protection: Maximum Protection 98.6%

Maintenance: Clean with aFe Power Cleaner, allow to dry, oil with aFe Oiling Agent

Service Interval: 50,000 miles normal driving; 25,000 miles in severe dust environments

Warranty: Lifetime

Pro Dry S
(Progressive, Dry Media, Synthetic) For off-road enthusiasts, sportsmen and the convenience minded.
Pro Dry S media offers outstanding airflow, superior cumulative filter efficiency and maximum convenience. Traditional paper filters restrict airflow, which inhibits engine performance. aFe's Pro Dry S OIL FREE filter media provides increased airflow at "near OE" filtration levels of 99.2%*.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of new Pro Dry S filters is the convenience of servicing these oil-free filters. Most oil based filter manufacturers suggest that filters be cleaned with special chemical solvents and restored with special oil. Pro Dry S filters have a service life of up to 50,000 miles in standard driving conditions. And cleaning can be as simple as lightly tapping it on the ground (for up to 85% of the original rate of flow). To return to nearly 100% of the original performance, you simply rinse your Pro Dry S filter in warm water and a common household detergent such as Simple Green. Chemical cleaning kits are not required to clean aFe's Pro Dry S air filters.

Media Type: 2 Layer Synthetic

Air Flow: Up to 50% increase over stock*

Cumulative Filter Efficiency: 99.2%

Maintenance: Easy; Tap or wash with warm water and detergent. No chemicals and no oil.

Service Interval: tap or rinse in soap & water every 50,000 miles under normal driving (street) conditions; 25,000 miles in severe dust environments

Warranty: Lifetime

Pro 5 R(oiled): $116.34

Pro Dry S(dry): $116.34

Order yours here:
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