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1st oil change after 1200 mile service.

i need some schooling out guys on the m3 oil changing and torque setting on oil filter and drain plugs..Also can 1 be done at a time or both have to drain 2geter? easiest way to jack car with 1 floor jack i want the old oil a llllll out..! also do i reset computer i assume NO..JUST SOME POINTERS FROM SOMEONE THATS DONE IT BEFORE PLZ Chime in.. thanks I'm about to go for a cruise got wartm her up at 1:30 am boston time!!!! then right under the car i go...:da nce::dance
P.S> FOrgot to mention mile intervals fyi... 1200 was going to do again after 1200 more so would have been 2400mi... had no time so now I'm at 1500 miles more so it = 2700 miles. then i was going to do it again wen she hits 5000 miles..and keep doing it at every 5000 mile for lifetime of car........1200=2700=5000=10,000=15,000 now its bmw's time for service!!! What do u think to u sound good changed shorter than 5000miles if i really race her everyday ill do it say 2500 miles but i doubt that

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