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Originally Posted by matthewk View Post
I wish someone could explain to me the paradigm of being the breadwinner in the household and then asking permission or needing perseverance to buy something???
1) You're presuming that the man (or M3 driver, at least) is the primary breadwinner. That is not always the case. I know plenty of couples where the wife makes more money (in some cases a LOT more money) than the husband.

2) Even in couples where the wife makes less (or no) money, she is presumably contributing to the household in equivalent but non-monetary ways (e.g., primary caregiver to rug rats).

3) Many people view marriage as a partnership between equals with all resources shared, regardless of who actually acquired those resources. So if one partner wants to spend what is typically considered a large chunk of those resources, they make a joint decision about whether to do it or not.