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Originally Posted by AudiS5 View Post
lol I meant to write capable, give me a break it was 3 am.

I'd love to see an e93 walk away from my S4....

e90/2 is a different story, but the e93 is a DOG.
Keep in mind - you're comparing your modded S4 to a stock E93.

Second, although a stock S4 is only barely faster than a stock e93 - by 0.1 to 0.2 in 0-60 an quarter mile times - this still is not an apples- to apples comparison - the closest thing audi currently makes to an E93 M3 is the S5 convertible - same supercharged 3.0 as in your B8 S4. S4 weighs 3900 lbs, E93 M3 about 4150, and S5 vert about 4300. E93 M3, in an apples to apples comparison with S5 vert is noticeably faster...think of the s5 vert, in other words, as a B8 S4 convertible (which I'd essentially what it is - aside from the simple nomenclature difference between "S4" and "S5."

And to say that E93 is a dog when it is only 0.1-0.2 slower than stock s4 means that s4 is only a tiny bit faster than a dog (which I'm quite confident you'd never say)...

That being said - I have a new q7 with the exact same 333hp, 325 lb/ft engine as in your s4 - considering the 5200 lbs it has to pull - I think it does one hell of a job - so imagine it's pretty awesome in s4 and s5...