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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
I mean ... do you consult with family members (most of us are purchasing this car for ourselves). Do you have long discussions and get the red light not to do it like "You crazy spending all this money on 4 wheels" etc. etc.

Or do you just go out and do it and face the music after the fact?

I for one do the later and deal with the music after the fact ... then it's done with.

I've purchased my last three Bimmers like that ... just purchased it and came home with the news ... what's your story?
mine was all luck . i had a 2008 335xi that after 15 months had a fuel pump problem or so bmw said. well, in the shop 5 times in 6 weeks for the same problem enabled me get into my M3. and when i first saw it at another dealer in their showroom i knew i would be in the car within 2 weeks and i was for what i thought was a great price. so i thank BMW screwing up the 335 which caused me to get into my M3, if they had fixed it id still be diving that 335 and not be in the monster M3.