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Originally Posted by BimmerRob08 View Post
Got divorced a while back. (Thank God! She was a BITCH!). Almost killed in a car crash some years later in England, I was a passenger. Sued the drivers insurance. Bought an '08 M3 through military sales there and saved $15,000 at least. Got girlfriends but no wife to be a F(*king pain in the ass about me working or cleaning my ride. Loving life ever since.
One should be happy in a relationship and if it does not work out one should go ones separate ways. At the beginning of our marriage we pledged a 50/50 relationship and it has worked out well for my wife and myself. We both have our separate passions and we respect one another's wishes so based on this solid foundation I am proud to say we just last month celebrated our 50 st wedding anniversary ... sorry to hear yours did not work out, then all worked out for you to the better I see ...

Originally Posted by J-9 View Post
Yes he deserves a nice car ... something to cherish after serving his Country

Originally Posted by Pointerman View Post
My wife and i had a lengthy discussion about my '11 M3. She could not understand why i wanted to sell my low mileage and perfect 545i and buy a smaller car with fewer features. Her brain could not process it. She knew i wanted M3 for years, but i don't think she figured i would actually do it. Especially not a new car since i swore off new vehicles years ago. I just couldn't bring myself to purchase a car that someone else had been abusing in unknown ways.
Some discussion is always helpful, in the final analysis it is a car that one purchases for one self so the decision stays with us. I know what you mean about purchasing a used car one needs to get the right information from the sales man and even if that happens one never knows. Times have changed. My next M3 will be one I step into in München at Die Welt with ED. Perhaps next year or in 2014 ... nothing will stop me form ordering one exactly the way I like it ...

Originally Posted by redline9001 View Post
Had E46 M3, it was 5 years old, i wanted a new car... looked at S4 and 335xi m-sport and 335is wife said if you are to spend money on a new car it better be another M3....

Hence another M3...
The e46 was a great car, I am sorry I sold mine. It was a 2002 and I sold it last year. I might get another just like it for a run around town car ... I know there are quite a few on the market in the US.

Originally Posted by artar View Post
Me: Took '04 330ci ZHP in for oil change, came home with '06 M3 ZCP.
Me: But honey, they didn't charge me for the oil change.
...several years later
Me, circa early '08: man, that V8 sure is sweet
Wife: you are NOT getting another car
Me, circa late '08: man, that V8 sure is sweet
Wife: you are NOT getting another car
Me, circa early '09: man, that V8 sure is sweet
Wife: you are NOT getting another car
Me, circa mid '09: man, that V8 sure is sweet
Wife: you are NOT getting another car
Me, August 27, 2009: man, that V8 sure is sweet
Wife: ok, ok, if you want the car, go get it
Me, 3 hours later... MR 6MT in garage - strike while the opportunity presents itself folks!
I see that perseverance paid off for you in the end ... well done Congratulations

Originally Posted by Bmw M3 Guy View Post
I'm usually not the one to spend a lot on myself, and always regret spending a lot of money. I don't get buyers remorse, but I sometimes feel sick thinking about, so I usually just impulse buy.

On this particular car, I took more time thinking about it, researching and actually consulted my mother as shes a level headed being. She said I've earned everything, so she actually told me to go for it! She knows what it means to me to be involved in the automotive world, and having her blessing pretty much pushed me to buy it.

No regrets!

Your mom knows best, and you spend your money wisely it is a great car worth every cent. When you think about it the ///M3 Division takes a straight forward 3 Series BMW then replaces about 50 to 60% of the parts on a already fine automobile and ends up with this fantastic legendary M3 it is a sight to behold
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

Life will take us to some interesting places, fortunately The ///M3 will too with a many of us know this very well, now my C6.3 AMG with 487 HP does it too
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