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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
^^^^^^ this.

Here we are, notorious dictator and terrorist Kadafi is obviously been removed from power in a matter of months. It was done for a fraction of the cost (in both US Soldier's lives and US cash) of full-blown US ground invasions.

The Obama policy was definitely the winning decision. Obama made the right call and stuck to it, no matter what everyone threw at him.

(Yes, I "this'ed" my own post. Deal with it.)

^^^^^^^ THIS!!

Forgot to come back and double "this" my own posts now that Kadhaffi went from just being on the run, to never gonna run again.

And just for good measure, I'm "this'ing" my own comment earlier about thank God we didn't get McCain now that Obama is taking the troops out of Iraq by Christmas. For those who are math impaired, that's bringing it down to just 1 war the US is involved in, compared with the 5 wars we would still be fighting under McCain.