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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
My lady knows that I'm a car nut. I give her plenty of time in between cars to prepare for the next one. She knows that a GT-R is my future (2-3 years) for example.
I am a car nut as well and I do drop hints here and then to warm up the waters

I do have to slow down, in the past 4 years ... 4 cars have lived in my garage (a Jag, a M3 and 2 Z4's they are now history) two new once are there now and I must say they get along fine with one another

Originally Posted by valeram View Post
Just bought it but with serious justifications just in case she insists. She knows that I deserve the best one I can afford.
I had to be very nice to my wife on the phone (when I got my first M3) I needed her to arrange for a cash transfer form my bank and ship my plates from a previous car I sold I too could afford it, otherwise I would have not done it.

Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Wife: Why don't you get a new car. You deserve it.
Me: Ok ...

At that point it was entirely at my discretion what to get. If I'd gotten something highly impractical or outrageously expensive (e.g., if car cost > wife's vacation home cost), it might have been a problem, but otherwise I got a blank check.
Sounds like you can have your cake and eat it too ... great position to be in

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
I let my wife adopt a new pet, and then buy a new car, add a supercharger, get a new gun, etc...
Way to go, like I said before when I was on a project ... phoned her told her I got you a nice gift .... and went on oh btw for myself I got a M3, oh she said what's that? a car I said ... she in an angry voice ... not another car, oh it's a 2 year old car and you can drive my car now when I get home ... then quickly changed the subject ... I'm such a devil yes I know

Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
This wouldn't work in my case. The above would lead to the below ...
Well you are half way there then, mine would never leave me and if she does I'll keep all the cars

Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
Was planning to order a 335 and the husband insisted I get an M3. I think he thought he'd get to drive it more than he does. sucka!
I bet you tell him them there ponies are all mine and they are very temperamental so don't touch ...
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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