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Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
I had an 05 M3 when I was married. Ex got it in the divorce. Always loved that car and thought why not just go buy myself one. After discussing different car possibilities with my brother who owns several Italian and German beauties, he also felt the M3 would be the perfect car for me. After driving a 08 M3, I was so excited that I actually could not form a sentence to express how fun it was to drive at 110 mph on the highway...I was literally stuttering. Then I wondered what the price difference would be in a new one. My parents insisted on taking me down to a dealer to talk about a new car knowing they were not going to let me leave without purchasing one. They were kind enough to kick in 5K and then the 5 week wait began for it to make it's way to my garage!!
You obviously like nice cars like your brother does and know quality when you see and feel it .... I am sure future purchases of cars (like your now M3) will never be an issue ... you just get what you like and that is the way to do it ....

Now re: your former M5 I wonder if your ex is driving around with plates that say "WAS HERS" ... just thinking out loud, I do that a lot

Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
After very careful consideration the first time, completely on a whim the second.
That's the way to do it ... you knew what you had before and knew that the boys at the ///M Division would not let you down
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

Life will take us to some interesting places, fortunately The ///M3 will too with a many of us know this very well, now my C6.3 AMG with 487 HP does it too
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