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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
I think majority of people buy an M3 based on what the internet says.
You have a good point, I purchased my first M3 (e46 a 2002) that way, saw it fell in love with ii while on a project on the coast. In the evening in the hotel I researched the car on the internet ... then called the wife told her I got you a nice present ... a rose cut into a glass cube it has an inscription it says "I love you" ... oh and btw I got myself an M3 I'll be driving it home once the project is complete saving the air fair ... I said all this with a big

Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Was deployed to Iraq, twice, saved the money, and bought it.

No family here, so no one to bug me about spending lots of money
... you so deserve a nice car like this Thanks for Serving !

Originally Posted by Schussler6 View Post
was going back and forth with my family about it and they never believed i would get one they just blew off the idea until one day i came home with one i traded in my 335i then of course i had to deal with all the negativeness once i got home but i didnt care i finally had my M
This is the best way ... one day of negativity rather then weeks on end Well done

Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
Took the wife to test drive the 328xi, 335 and the M3 sedan. She said its M3 or nothing. Count me happy as a monkey with bananas.
Don't we all wish we had wife's that love cars, you are a lucky camper indeed.

Originally Posted by M3Monster View Post
My wife knew I wanted either an M3 or M5 since the first time we met. I would alway talk about getting one, research the crap out of which dealers had what models. We were always able to financially afford it, but I could never pull the trigger. We went to dinner one night and afterwards went to the dealer which I knew had exactly what I was looking for. She did the negotiating due to not having any emotional attachment to the car and she's a District attorney for LA county so she knows how to bargain. Drove away an hour later in the new M3.
Great to have a good negotiators, come to think of it my wife could have saved me a fe thousands in the purchase of my last Bimmers, then again it would have never come to pass my way is the better way ... just do it and face the music after for a day or so
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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