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Originally Posted by bmwSC8 View Post
Wow, that's awesome! I'm actually trying to rent an M3 next weekend, so we'll see how that goes. Are you doing their BMW's recommended route?

By the way, one tip about the Ring if you haven't been before: Go as early as possible. It might not matter since tomorrow is a weekday (don't know how traffic is normally), but if you are planning to drive, that's the time when there's the least amount of traffic on the track.
Yep, a minimum time of 2 hours qualifies for the recommended route!
Did 7 laps at the Ring today with
I have never in my life seen so many amazing cars! Countless GT3RS's, 2 1M's and so many more. I have been dreaming of driving the Ring for years and my dreams finally came through!
In the morning off to Stuttgart for the Porsche museum then to Frankfurt.