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Originally Posted by cacofonix View Post
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. I drive a pretty crappy car right now (1997 Honda Accord) and I am planning on upgrading very soon. I like driving and I am a car fan.

I have seen tons of videos on the M3 and read up quite a bit on it. I have not yet driven an M3 - but I will soon - I just fixed up a test drive.

My question is - in the light of the 2013 M3 (F80(?) M3) is it worth waiting for the new model, or should I just go in for the E92 M3?

Also - I am planning to get the DCT version. I believe all the kinks in the transmission have been ironed out?

I would also appreciate any post links that would be specifically helpful for newbies like me.

Thanks a lot!

I am in the same position you are...I drive a Corolla and looking to do a LOT better!. The 2012 E92 (coupe) and E93 (convertible) will be available through next spring. Production ends 6/12. If you want a sedan (E90), your only bet is to buy used or find a new one on a lot somewhere, as factory production of those has ended.

After this spring it will be a while before the next generation M3 is released. There will likely be a 1 year gap with no M3 model (a la 2007). The earliest a 2014 M3 (possibly M4 depending on what they call it) would be available is probably fall 2013.

Hope that helps.