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Originally Posted by jfly77 View Post
This setup indeed does squeeze every ounce of turning grip and controlled rotation available. I raced it online last night it was competitive in R3. took one podium amidst moslers, RL M3's, and Z3 GT's. And this car, unlike alot of 1M tunes, is just alot of fun to drive hard, at least I think so.
It out launched everything I saw out there last night which is a huge plus online.
If you happened to try this tune out and decided it pushed like a used car salesman you were right... something got jacked up before/when I shared it, noticed it when I drove it with willizo the other night.
Its completely sorted out now, feels like an ALMS GT car agile and stable, yet no traction control needed. Apologies to those that cant yet drive the 1M's. Check the online car market place tuesday nov 1st to see if theyve unlocked it for general purchase yet.

R3 800 specs:
0-60: 2.084s
0-100: 4.807s (yea youre reading that right, 4.8 to 120kmh
top: 211mph (full downforce)
60mph - 0: 112.2ft
100mph - 0: 282.5ft
60mph Lat G's: 1.12
120mph Lat G's: 1.14

BSM 1M, HK upgrade, angel eyes blue,
AFE dual CAI.