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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
Okay, let's start with this:

Are you married?

Do you have children?

Do you normally drive around with younger people in the car, i.e. nieces, nephews, etc.?

Do you have a pet?

Are you worried about gas mileage?

What made you want to buy the M3?

What made you want to buy the 911?

Do you drive mostly city or highway?

Do you drive in any areas where the Porsche may scrape?
Not married, no kids, no pets, i have been a long time fan of the m3 and have owned quite a few but over the years they have just been getting heavier and bigger but still great cars with amazing technology and a glorious engine. The 997 was calling my name for a while. I love the small sporty feel, i mean look at the difference in size and height in the pics above... wow! However letting go of the m3 is much harder than i thought. I love the engine, and i love the sound of the performance exhaust. I love the fact that i can load all my music into the hard drive and all the other comfort/tech features that my porsche is lacking. Both drive amazingly well and at first i felt as though the m3 was the faster of the 2 but after running them against each other it's not even close. The porsche pulls on it pretty quickly and the steering/brake feel are far superior in the porsche.

Porsche Pros

Small, sporty, light, direct, surprisingly comfy
Super car fast, linear power delivery
throaty exhaust, amazing steering feel, spasm+ = amazing handling

Porsche Cons

A bit twitchy/nervous as you approach it's limits
exhaust is nice but nothing like the performance exhaust on my m3
Brakes have excellent feel but don't feel as safe as the m3
Not as high tech as my m3

m3 pros

High rpm fun, engine tone changes beautifully as you approach redline, Telepathic throttle response, snaps your neck more than the porsche, dual clutch feels less like an auto, superior technology (comfort access, idrive ect)

M3 cons

When i drive my m3 after the porsche i feel like im driving an x5.
high awkward seating position, big, heavy, light uncommunicative steering at slow speeds, very sensitive artificial feeling brakes

I suppose its the dct, v8 engine, and creature comforts in the m3 that is making it so difficult for me but i need to make a decision soon, can not keep both.