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Originally Posted by MojorisinM3 View Post
If you're looking purely for performance then it would be obvious to me that BMW isnt the right car for you, there are plenty of performance cars out there for 1\2 the price or less of an M3. There are plenty of sports cars out there, keep in mind a M3 is a 3 series FIRST that is modified to feel like a sports car, not the other way around.

Sorry guys but soapbox time...

Let's keep in mind that driving an M car isnt about 0 to 60 times, 1\4 mile, etc. Never was and never will be. There will always be something faster, blah blah. The reason you drive an M3 is cause your addicted to the visceral experience of the drive, feeling the car come together as one as the speed increases. Most cars come apart at the seams when you push it, where the M3 just begs for more. "Whole is greater than the sum of the parts" is what comes to mind. If you drive an M3, 911, Cayman - these arent cars with impressive paper numbers, but are drivers cars. You can get a cheap Mustang and do some crazy engine mods for cheap and blow by M3\911\Cayman all day on the drag strip or whatever. I went from an 01 M3 to a E90 330i and sold it for an 05 ZCP. I test drove the 335 but its just too dull, it doesnt matter if it has 1000 HP and 0 to 60 in 2.1 seconds, its just not as fun to drive as the drivers cars.

Anyway, sorry for the rant but just sick of reading about the paper comparisons of 0 to 60 times, 1\4 mile, etc. I do wonder how many posters here have owned an M3, 911, etc and can compare some real world driving experiences?

Just wait until you get to rev up that ///M V8 to 8000 RPM at WOT. The 335 guys can drive circles around me all day, but I wont notice cause I'll be enjoying the ///M experience all day and worth every penny IMO.:rocks:

I guess I should put on my fire suit, flame suit, or whatever its supposed to be called... lol
I won't flame you..........great rant, I read every bit of it, and you're not wrong. And deep down it is how i feel the same way, I guess I just put the Ms on a pedestal, and don't want a 335 biting at her heels. I guess I have to admit, I'm just praying the E92M3 shows up to the party and everyone bows, backs off and reins her king (or queen) as she has always been.