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Here's the Jehnert XE200 with our mounting adapter and wiring adapter:

Here's the woofer in place:

The new mid and tweeter:

A new set of tweeter sails was used. This allowed the stock parts to be unmodified.

The new and old mids side-by-side:

The 2-way passive xover for the EP mid and tweeter (was glued into the door!)

Turns out to be a 12dB high-pass low-pass - the most advanced passive I've ever seen from an OEM system (it would be considered low end in the aftermarket):

The Hybrid Audio Legatia 4 SE "Carbon" is their new slim 4" mid. It's not a wideband like the L4 and L4SE, it needs a tweeter, but it's 42mm deep, and that's the magic number for the E92! HAT has explained that this speaker was intended to go lower than it is higher, and can play with authority to 200 and below (perfect for the E9x cabin provisions).

We used our thick steel rings and gasket tape fore and aft:

So, there's nothing evident in the cabin at all.

Here's the assembled trunk:

From the cabin with the seat folded down (note slot across the front to allow air to circulate from the amp's fan cooling system):

So, the system sounds great tonally and from a stereo point of view. With program material with a strong center stage, it sounds as if there is a center channel - but the stage width hasn't collapsed, you still get the wide stage from recordings that use it. The sub is tight and bass notes are very clear - there is texture and detail even with the lowest bass notes we played.

The customer said that the aspects of the EP system that he found annoying and hard to listen to were gone - that this system was involving and enjoyable.
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