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Originally Posted by ajj View Post
u sure are making a lot of assumptions for a car that isn't released yet. funny thing is, i believe most of the disbelievers will diasappear when the car is finally all will know who you are. until then, you really are stressing a lot over conjectures and opinions...there are many things better to do than trying to convince others of your own insecurities about the car... really is fatiguing to read post on how the new m3 will be inadequate..the m3 is overpriced..blah.blah blah when the CAR ISN'T OUT YET and US prices are only estimates!

make it simple, if you're not that impressed WHEN the car is released, then don't buy it. there will be MANY that will take your place in line. ha!
I think you have a great point, I should just believe. But maybe for the first time in my life i can afford an M so I SO BADLY want it to be great. I just don't want to be so stoked and have it come out and be a dud, so to speak. I remember walking to class (law school) in miami right after the E46 M3s came out and I saw a brand new one and I drooled. I had read so much on them before they came out, and when I saw it, well, it drove me to get through law school. So now it appears I will be able to afford one, so I am looking to fulfill a long time dream.