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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
BTW guys, I'm taking my car into ST tomorrow morning because it needs the oil to be topped off (I know, I can do it myself), but I also think that the car might be due for some service (just under 20k miles).

Anyway, is my car going to get flagged since I have an aftermarket suspension? And if so, what does this mean? If it means that they won't cover any suspension problems, I understand, but if they aren't going to work on my car at all (under warranty), I will be concerned.
As long as you have no suspension complaints, there should be no note made of it.
Tell your SA in advance but only if you trust him.

Being flagged depends on what is flagged.
If they mention you have aftermarket suspension, then you most likely will not be able to make any future warranty claims in regards to suspension
It also depends if they flag you internally (dealer only) or nationally on the Dealer Service Network

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Post more pics!

Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Ok, thanks guys. I was concerned because I remember somebody (Jamie, I think) saying that one of the SA's told him not to bring his car in for some problem because it was going to be flagged immediately once they saw his mods.

The appointment was made with Chris, BTW. I hope that is ok.
Jamie was complaining about noise that was near the suspension, and I guess they just didn't want to deal with it.

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see, that's your opinion... some people like the idea of clashing colors because in the carshow game it gets you more points to be daring. i know the entire point system but i'm not going to get into that.
I'm curious to see how the point system works

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i can drive the car if i want... i choose not to go through tires, mess up my front lip, and chancing curb rashing the wheels. I curb rashed one Neez wheel because i decided to go for a joyride rather than just getting stuff done in my beater and i paid the price. So let me make it clear that i choose not to drive the car... the exhaust is not necessarily forcing me NOT to drive it.
How did you curb rash it on a joy ride? I've only heard people rashing their wheels when parking? or was it a pot hole?

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from what i've noticed among my friends... the reason they have that attitude is cause apparently the same attitude was conveyed upon them by other enthusiasts. Everyone wants a piece of the scene, problem is people in one type of crowd don't like another style. While I, on the other hand, try to give props for creativity as long as it's done in good taste. Putting a wooden wing on a mustang is NOT in good taste. Putting a VTEC sticker on a Toyota is NOT in good taste.

If you wanna roll pink wheels on a blurple car... then do your thang. Thats what you like. If you wanna sport a fully JDM Integra, do your thang... If you're a muscle car head, do your thang... but don't spew a bunch of negative things about someone personal taste. that just my opinion. take it as you will.

I respect you for your choice to be not so flashy. Mod away friend!
I don't understand the people who put like -5 degrees of camber... I mean, it looks tight, but... you can't drive it.... or that's my guess, i've never driven a car with -5 degrees of camber

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Believe it or not, I like heavily modded cars. I prefer function over form so I will always be in favor of performance parts vs parts that will just look the car look nice, but I can appreciate a nice show car.

Now I'm curious to hear your opinion on my M3

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ahh yeah, it just needs to be added. IIRC BMW wont add it for you, but im sure Travis or Warren will hook u uppp. you might be there for a while they have to wait for your car to cool all the way down.

You only need to wait for the car to cool down when adding coolant, not oil IIRC

BMW won't usually cover it unless your SA is tight
Then he might

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kim files for divorce!!!!!!!!!!!