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Originally Posted by bimmergoat View Post
Well, I've never owned a Benz so I don't know what to expect after living with it on a daily basis. I have a few friends that own them and they seem to be in the shop a lot for repairs but they still love them.
we are a big benzo family. maybe 15 or something stupid.

we never had any trouble with them except one, a 2000 sclass. which was a real bitch to deal with - airmatic suspension, tires sensors, brake sensors, god knows.

since that one, we have had 4 and no major issues, a curious amount of flat tires on one sclass, and funny tires on the cls63 as well.

other than a glitchy sunroof on the cls, nothing to bitch about.
i would opt for it with the perf package if you can. the alcantara and cf bits are nice, but the lim diff makes it so much more fun when you wanna be dumb.

the only thing i find weird about it, is that i find the steering unnaturally heavy, especially at low speeds.
Jet Black E92 M3