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Mid-Atlantic Dyno Day Saturday Nov. 12th

Hey guys, anyone interested in having their cars dyno'd, this is for you!

So, we're now shooting for Saturday November 12th! I need at least 8 people to commit w/a max of say 15. I would like to try to get people to pre-register so that I can have an idea of how many cars will be there.

Frank Smith, from Impact & Tuning Tech FS, will be conducting the testing. We can do dyno pulls, and we can do custom tuning if anyone is interested if time permits (depending on how many folks show up). I thought that we could start at around 10:00 AM, and run 'til maybe 5 or 6:00 PM. He would offer a special of $65.00 (regularly $100) for 3 pulls with airfuel monitoring, a print out, as well as a professional opinion(s). All M3 (2001-2006) custom tunes on the dyno are usually $750.00, but he would offer a show special of $550.00 (dyno fee absorbed into this price).

Newer M3's (E90,92,93) are usually $1500.00, but he will offer a show special at $1200.00. In the event that he can't tune all the cars that day, he would honor that price as long as you book a tuning day and leave a deposit. The new shop is really nice, epoxy painted floors and walls, a really nice office with a 46" Big Screen TV on the wall w/a Play Station 3 and several racing games for customers to play while they wait. This alone is worth the price of admission! I'm not sure yet how we would want to handle food and drinks, but if we have an idea of how many people and cars...he can probably get the vendor that he uses for other dyno days to come out. Anyway, let me know your thoughts, and if you think this is a good date/idea, or if you think we need more time...

Some additional info:

-It's a Dyno Dynamics dyno (typically reads about 10% lower than a Dynojet, but he can 'correct' to Dynojet #'s if we want).
-This is a true custom tune, so he can maximize your tune (if you so desire) or he can dial in a safe tune if you plan on running, or only have access to 91 octane fuel.
-He has extracted almost 300whp from almost stock E46 M3's (baselines of 278-282whp, deltas of 15-20hp and 8-15ft. lbs of torque)
-He can alpha-n tune as well
-He has been tuning cars for over 22 yrs.
-He can tune other cars besides M3's
-He has his own M3 that he used to perfect his tune
-He adj. fuel, ignition timing, vanos timing
-Also working on activating shift lights (not yet mapped, possibly by the dyno day if enough interest).

That's all that I can think of for now, but if anyone has any specific requests or needs more info., please contact me.

The new shop name is Tuning Tech FS and it's located here:

4700 Belle Grove Road
Unit 14
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225


-FI cars are now welcome!
-Frank will offer 1 free dyno to returning customers, who add more mods later to their car, and then want to come back to see if further tuning is required
-For top N/A & F/I HP winners, Frank will waive their dyno fee for the day, and also offer a $100 Gift Certificate for future work!

Thanx, Stan

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