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I enjoyed the race. Nothing too special though. Hopefully once that dust and dirt cleans off we can see some unique passing on the massive turn in sections.

On Hamilton and Massa, sometimes poeple will blame Hamilton whether he is in front, back, inside, or outside. It can't always be his fault, and if you watch the first corner of the race you can see how punchy Massa is towards Hamilton. He takes that corner hard and even looses his front end for a split second as he cut up the inside of Hamilton.

I'll say that I was surprised Hamilton didn't receive a penalty, but I think part of that may just be conditioning from all the other incidents. Also, Hamilton being on full brakes at the time of the accident was part of it. You can clearly see his brake point is much earlier than Massa, and since they are always driving on the edge it isn't like he could have dropped out any quicker as he was already under braking for the corner. Plus as the BBC team pointed out, Massa was fully aware that he was there and left him no room.