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We'd like to thank everyone who came out to Slug Day 2011.

It was a great day for racing and car guys alike. There were tons of Personal Bests throughout the day with only about 2 maybe 3 breakdays. One was a Nissan GTR with about 812rwhp and the other was a SRT8 Jeep that just blew up the engine completely. We would have love to have seen more runs from them but things happen and they do suck. On a bright side, Sam with the 812rwhp GTR told me this was the first ever time he's hooked, so I guess that means something good but still sorry to see that happen Sam.

We had tons of compliments from guys stating they enjoyed racing along side with such a diverse crowd of cars AND NO HONDAS LOL!!!!!!

From the crowd we had Camaros, Corvettes, GTOs, Terminators, Coyetes, 3v Mustangs, Fox Bodys, Chargers, Challengers, SRT8 Jeeps, Trucks both normal and diesels, 69 Camaros, 68 Cougars, 64 Novas, Nissan GTRs, AMG benz, BMWs, Porsches, 70 Olds 442, 68 Firebird, SRT4s, 300zx's, and alot more other cars.

We do appreciate all the positive feedback and we hope that everyone that came out will come back again to Slug Day 2012

we will be posting up the pics and clips of everyone as soon as we can. We have around 800 pics :eek2:

it was nice meeting some of you and putting the face to the name.

also please check out the event forum for pics and clips

So from behalf of Slug Syndicate and the Cali Generalz, we thank everyone that came out and hope to see you guys next time.

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