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Originally Posted by kirkx5m View Post
VETTEL did set the fastest lap on his last lap #60 despite Horner and his engineering telling him not to ha ha ha ha
. How the hell not to attempt that and maybe keep that record for another 2 decades? Before the refueling ban, you could set the fastest lap early in the race; not now.

By the way, some argue most led laps is not valid due to the previous record being set over 16 races, but that wouldn't be apples to apples either due to different tracks and different number of laps per race due to refueling. If those want to be precise, they need to count TOTAL laps on the season back then and this year. At any rate, with 2 races left, Seb will no doubt break the record any way they want .

What other records he can smash? He already equaled most reces won, right (with 2 to go)? Thx.

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