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Originally Posted by erio View Post
Nice. They have made a lot of changes to the suspension and interior for 2012. What color? Did you go with the development package? With all that torque, esp. down low without having to wind it up, it makes a great daily . Also, that engine sounds amazing.
I went Obsidian black with two tone red and black interior. I did go with the development package which gives you the LSD, upgraded red Brembo brakes, real carbon fiber interior trim and spoiler, and +30hp to 481hp. Even with all of that, it is still almost $12,000 less than my M3 was new (in Canada where Merc does not charge a huge premium for their cars over US prices like BMW does).

I actually opted for the 18" wheels as I prefer them and that is unusual for me... I'll end up after market anyway (Morr please build wheels for this car!! ). I wish BMW would put similar brakes on the M3... the C63 brakes are 6 piston calipers made, supposedly, by Brembo. They look amazing. You are right about the interior too... it is greatly improved over the 2011 models and before. One of the nicest interiors I have been in and, IMO again, better even than the RS5/S5 interior. You have to see the steering wheel in person to appreciate it... flat top and bottom with either perforated leather or Alcantara hand grips. The seats are amazing too... I have been told they are built my Recaro but that is unconfirmed. All I know is they are amazing.

The engine sounds nice but the exhaust is just insane. It is the best factory exhaust I have ever heard (IMO obviously). I had one next to my M3 and my M3 sounded like a baby next to the beast. The best part is it is quiet as the M3 under cruising, etc but is just nuts with the pedal down... it actually barks at you.

Having said all of that, the M3 is still a special car and every bit as good or better but in different ways. Also, I do believe a properly done M3 is a nicer looking car outside. Also, the M3 excels with its DCT vs. Merc's MCT, which is big improvement but still not as capable as the DCT. Also the tires... 255 rears and 235 fronts are WEAK for a car with this much power. That will be my first change.

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