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Originally Posted by Studntloan View Post
Originally Posted by Lowkey335
That wing is completelyterrible, motorsport or not its terrible.........Why are the wheels missing the bbs centercaps? and didnt we see an already stunning "MEAN GREAN" from MAC that trumps this one? IDK guys, not terribly impressed.....looks like the red te-37 wheeled M3 that they already did. Just sayin.......

There are plenty of differences, 2 completely different cars and both were fully functional,
Also take into fact that this has custom wide body work done to accommodate for bigger tires, someone with 11 posts should really look at the differences between 2 cars that have so many differences between them, while the green at that Mac built is nice and all, it's a show car, Martin d car and green hell were made to be purposeful track/ street monsters, please show me whats not impressive about either of those cars, let's see your beast
How is MAC's car a show car, and this is not?? They are very similar builds, except this one has more bolt on stuff, and MAC's has a few more customized one off items.

I would like to see some pics of that actual custom work on this car, the wide body which in my opinion is the coolest part. All the other bolt ons we've seen before.

This car does have the better photographs and video though