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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
Caught you! You move quick

Genuinely jealous, enjoy and be sure to post some (all) photos from the race!

On a more serious note, I'm a bit concerned about Massa's incident. For those that didn't watch, he basically clipped off about a foot of an apex and broke his turn-in wheel's suspension. I see a few cars taking that line throughout the course of a race (esp. if pushed in from the outside). I have a feeling we may see a number of retirements tomorrow...

JB/LH starting next to each other should be interesting.

SV is too damn good...
Serioulsy PMAN LIVE IT UP!!!!

I haven't watched any of the qualifying yet but i cheated and youtubed the incident. I then read up on the other drivers' thoughts and it seems only LH and Massa are concerned about going off the kerbs to evne be effect by those. but yeah, that was insane, not only broke the suspension...lost one of the new wings.

Side Note: Webbah is NOT HAPPY with all this talk about letting him by to get the win and get second in the points. If I were a driver that'd feel like a kick in the junk! "Hey we're going to get Seb the Championship this year. We'll let you win a couple after he's locked it up." Seriously. Kick in the junk.