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"deep dish" wheels just do not fit this car IMO. I personally think they are just plain out of style but especially with the m3's very sleek modern design as mentioned, the lip-style wheels just create too much of an abrupt contrats when looking at the flowing lines of the car transitioning into the nice concave flowing 220 wheel.

I do not mind some other aftermarket wheels but those are pretty ugly IMO so glad you sold. They look like the dinan wheels which are hideous. Also in a quest for individuality I think people lose sight of matching wheel design with car and I agree the 220 was really designed for this car (well actually the e60 m5 wheel is almost identical and came first but the lines are also similar to an extent. Just so classic M)

The zcp wheels on the other hand on nothing more than a CSL-style mesh wheel seen on the e46's, the e92 328's (in an 18 inch mesh style wheel) and on TONS of cars on the road. The 220s is ONLY available on one M and one M only which is the current m3.

I also think a huge benefit as mentioned is they look like 20's due to the nice fat spokes extending to the edge. Lips make wheels look a size smaller so 19's with a lip look like 18s v. the 220's are 19s but look like 20's. So comparing them is similar to a two size difference in appearence.