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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
OEM LCI design is a different bulb/lighting system than the non-LCI & ///M. Therefore, it's never going to be as good in sunlight or off-angle, unless you use the OSS solution, which is surface mounted LEDs.
That is true. The M3's headlights aren't designed to have the even/bright lighting that the LCI headlights have. Only when you modify it can you get that.

As for matching the HID - both 6500k and 5000k doesn't match it in color.
All factory HID headlights have 4300K light, it just takes on a blue/purple color when you look at it from an angle because of the projector cut off edges.

You can see in the pictures that the 6500K looks more blue than the HID headlights. The effect makes the HID look like halogen headlights and the halos look aftermarket since no cars come factory with LEDs that are more blue than the headlights. During the day, the 6500k looks good - it's just with the HID on, the halos look aftermarket. The 6500k definitely has more of a "wow" factor as it looks very distinctive and stands out if that is what you are going for.

With the 5000K, the halo rings have a white color with no blue so in comparison the rings looks more white compared to the blue-by-comparison HID. So HID looks like HID and the halos look OEM. It doesn't match the HID because the halos lack the intensity that the LCI has in terms of brightness. IMHO, it is a better match for the HID and doesn't stand out if you're looking for that.

Here's where you can see it in the pictures.

Halos have blue and in comparison, HID looks white:

Halos are white and in comparison, HID looks blue:

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