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Originally Posted by mountainbikeracer.will View Post
Don't get me wrong. I have always admired the M3 and almost bought one. But wasn't dazzeled comparing it to my Vett. The S4 just seemed to ride better. I think the idiot salesman never showed me the power button. Without that button engaged, the M3 was sluggish compared to the S4.

I raced a 2009 M3 and beat the pants off him. By the way, he engaged the power button.We were both surprised because we were sure that I would lose. I must admit my mods were better than his mods. What gave me the edge was the Awd. The race was about 1/2 mile. The distance was 5 car lenghts.

I also races a 2012 Mustang GT and won as well. This car has the same stats as the M3. Racing a Camaro SS was like taking candy from a baby.

In conclusion, I still think the M3 is a better looking car than my S4, but the M3 will need an ECU mod to keep up with me in the 1/4 mile. That's if it can grip. My next car of choice is a GTR instead of the M3. Until then, I will admiring the M3.

S4 mods: STAStis ECU, awe intake and exhaust.
cool story bro.