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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Are the supplied suction cups solid enough? I'd hate to see that camera shattering into a thousand pieces in my rear view...
The 6MT video was taken with the suction cup on the bumper. That's the obvious way to do it, but I noticed that since the bumper is flexible, if you yank on the camera hard enough, you can flex the bumper and cause the suction cup to detach.

So, the 7M-DCT video was taken with the suction cup mounted to the side of the rear license plate holder. That's a flat metal surface so the mount is solid. Downside is that it's farther from the exhaust tips than the bumper mount, so you can hear that the 6MT video is a bit more "gutteral," for the lack of a better word.

As for having it fly off the car.... You'd be surprised as to how strong the plastic housing, and then also the camera, is. I've had the plastic housing fail and the GoPro flying off my car at about 40mph. I pulled over, parked, then started walking back along the road (it was a paved logging road right in the middle of the forest so absolutely no traffic). I picked up the housing, then a few steps later found the memory card, then the battery, then the battery door, then finally the GoPro itself. Some scratches, but still worked