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Originally Posted by mesier1111 View Post
The more I read the more disappointed I am in what the new M3 will bring. It appears that the M5/M6 will be MUCH faster and still have the great handling characterstics. I know an "M" is unlike any other, but I got to start agreeing with 335i coupe owners who believe modding their coupe will make it an M. Between upgrading suspension and wheels, Vishnu (especially the V2 that is coming out), rear diff. and exhaust and the next thing you know you are holding turns as well as the M3, and beating it in 0-60 and 1/4 AND track times. I think it will be interesting to watch 45K 335i coupes with 10K of mods (bringing the total to 55k, less than a well equipped M3 will be) perhaps surpass the M3 in many performance categories.

God I hope I will be wrong, but with BMW officially expecting 0-62 times of not really any better than the outgoing E46 M3, I must say, as important as overall performance and handling are, straightline acceleration is still a very important part of the driving experience, both off and on the track.

Here's to the E92 M3 coming out and proving me dead wrong....please

The M3 will do 0-62 in about 4.2 ~ 4.3 seconds...!

BMW official quotes are always for regular "average joe" drivers. A 335 will not beat the M in handling, it's too top heavy and fat.

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