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I've got one too

I put down $500 almost 8 months ago for 2008 M3. Assured it was #2 spot and will be in first allocation. After all the waiting, Im tired and I think Im just guna go get an M6, especially since it isnt coming with SMG.

Soooo, what to do with the M3 spot? I never spoke to the dealer about transferrability. How are they able to prevent me from selling the spot? I could easily order per specifications of my buyer and when the car comes in, I just say "hey, by the way, the car is being put in this name, not mine". If I buy the car and then resell it, there wont be much profit left after I pay sales tax.

On the morality of selling spots......Ive owned many BMW's, most of the time Ive paid MSRP. Now its MY turn to profit! Particularly because I will only procede to support the brand more with an even BIGGER purchase. Plus, capitalism is what got me to the station in life where I CAN afford virtually any car I want - nuttin wrong with being a bit of an opportunist. People do it all the time, in every industry (as per examples of the Elmos or playstations).