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Question Need advice on tire size experience on E92

I am finally pulling the trigger on a wheel/tire package for my daly driver 09 E92 AW M3 here in Florida, and I need some advice on sizing & real life experiences

I am not planning to race the car with those wheels/tires (for that I will put back the OEM's), honestly speaking, I only want the looks (yes, I'm one of "those") and I do not care about weight savings, etc...

I searched for a look i like for months, looked everywhere and saw many many pics and finally I decided I will get the Vossen VVSCV3 Machine silver in 20x9 & 20x10.5 (truly the price is not the only decision maker here, all tough it does play a role over the $1.5-$2k a piece choices)

Vossen says they fit w/o any mods/adds and that I can go as high as 255/30/20 in the front and 305/25/20 on the rear, here are my questions:

1. Anyone knows if that set up will rub or touch on full lock?
2. Anyone has any experience on differences on car handling with those tire dimensions?

Finally, I know there's lots of tire brand choices, I am inclined for Nitto, Continental and if those are not good/recommended, I could go Michelin. So my question here:

1. Anyone with experience with those brands & sizes?

I will wait for 1 week to hear what you all have to say and then I will make my choice and place the order and post some pics & experiences afterwards

I really appreciate the help & time