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Forza4 1addicts club thread

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Since the game doesnt provide an in-game means for club communication or announcements I thought we should have a specific thread for that (anybody care to sticky this?). Use this thread for club comms, announce events you would like to host for the club, etc. [and spread the word to members in game that this thread is here.] subscribe to it and you'll always
know whats going on and we can keep all club members in sync.

So, right then, first item: In order to give the club a little direction and opportunity to break the ice among our now 40 members I'll be kicking off the start of organized club events by hosting "FOR FUN" Tuesday nights Tuner Races.

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Time: Tuesday nights, from 9PM EST(6PM PST) -- 11PM EST(8PM PST)
The challenge: Race in only club shared tuned cars.
Format: Alternating sprint races, 5 laps, 1st(odd) race choose any club car
in the appropriate class to run. 2nd(even) race we will ALL run the winners
club car of choice, next race choose any club car again, and so on, for the
2 hour duration. This could be massive fun with full participation so please
consider joining in. IF we go beyond the game capacity of 16 we will split into 2 groups, or 3groups evenly with other attending members hosting if needed.

no sign ups, just show up, join my session in progress by clicking on my gamer card in the club member menu, n race. I will also send club invites from in game when I create the session so its not necessary for everyone to friend everyone else. Some people prefer not to expand their friend list.
this way you dont have to "friend" members but have the option to.

We will start with a predefined circuit and class for each week announced here in this thread so if you want to work on a specific tune you have the time to do so, just remember to work an already shared car and "sync" it, or share a new one when youve got it dialed in to your liking. This format
should provide some variety and keep it interesting and if I'm wrong, we'll dial it in over time.

I will impose just a couple of starting guidelines:
1. please have Voice Chat capability.
We will use the in game chat channel, Ive found that running a full
game of 16 while using a separate party chat channel causes
considerable lag issues.
2. Be Respectful of others, Race Clean, abide by the 1addicts CoC.
collisions will happen, if you screw up, throw out a "my bad".
If you get hit, doesnt matter, there's another race, and theres no
tang waiting at the finish line for the winner anyway.

But if there was, I got dibs!!
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UPDATE: couldnt decide on a track so we'll do majority choice and change it up through out the session.
I think that will be more fun for this type of thing anyway.

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