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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i have issues with the buyer
he can only come on saturday or sunday
and my bank is closed sat and sun
which means we can pay off the loan
nor will they give us the title
i suggested to him to take a day off work to come and buy the car
he's checking with his boss today.

trade in price is a little bit lower than my asking price
so all the people who are PM me and saying they will pay 33K and 37K etc are wasting their time

the last guy that offered $33K cash (as if cash means anything, any buyer for my car is paying cash) i suggested he look into a 335i
because there is no way in hell i'm selling my car that low, no matter what.
i want to sell the car
but i am in no way desperate to lose $5000
Wow, if the guy really wanted the car, considering he's getting a great deal, he should take a single day off of work to complete the transaction!

Seriously, someone offered you "$33k CASH" and they honestly thought they were doing you a favor? I'd be embarrassed to make an offer that low after looking at prices on KBB, considering your current price is well below "good" condition.

Well, I hope things work out with this one buyer before your '12 finally arrives. I know I'm sick of waiting for our cars to get released.