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Bumper rash repair (advice needed)

Hey guys, when I took delivery of my M3 I noticed that the underside of the bumper had some scrapes on it. The dealer said that they would repair back to new no problem. In the meantime I had a clear bra installed, but made sure that it didn\'t cover the scraped area underneath. I then took the car to get repaired and just now got it back. On first look, it was perfect, but on closer inspection it appears that they just painted up until where the clear bra ends underneath. Due to this, there almost a visible seam where the new paint begins. It kind of looks like this:


With the first raised area being where the bra ends and then the lower area the original paint. Lastly the 2nd raised area is where the new paint begins.

Do you guys think this is acceptable, or should I take it back until it is like new again?