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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
I'm just wondering.
participate to alleviate boredom

Originally Posted by Gavin@MMW View Post
Depends on your location, Me for instance - We have some abandoned military Silo's and testing facilities (rocketdyne, nasa, boeing) in the hills right next to me, not too many people know where to find them and they are fortified to say the least. Thats where I am headed, safe - no people, need a 4x4 to get there, but close enough to the city so you can make the eventual trip for more supplies.

If I had the chance I would bring up a generator that runs on diesel, a few barrels of fuel, and a hydroponic system so I can have fresh food still, and hunt the cows that roam the hills, since farmer john wont be worried about them anymore.
Doubt there will be many cows surviving; especially if they're not free range. Saw a program on discovery where they talk about the world after humans. Without human tending, cows would starve. So you'll likely find a field of rotting cow meat. Not too sure what that will draw in. Would zombies eat cows?