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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Good fun last night (Willizzo here)! Jfly, your 1M sounded sick when I was spectating and really killed those turns at Catalunya. I had to garage my M900 though, she's not very fair and you spanked my Scuda.....I gotta tune it better for turns as she's too grippy.
Yea the Mosler is just the current shiznit online right now, so lite and
so much stock downforce, I think its under rated in game.

I'll be on again tonight, I'm trying to get good at using the Fanatec wheel. I'm traditionally a controller driver, this is my first wheel, and the learning curve is huge. My biggest problem is downshifting when braking, guess I'm not rev matching as I always kick the rear end out.
just downshift during breaking a little later, beyond that
it could be your setup, adjust your break bias frontward and/or adjust your
rear DECEL differential downward until it no longer steps out on you.

Question....Is there a way I can purchase the 1M game code? I bought my FM4 LE from Game Spot and got some bad Alpha Romeo as the pre order car, I guess only Best Buy got thet 1M
No, but I expect them to open up all the pre-order cars for purchase/download for everyone really soon.
I see it listed ingame -> market place -> popular cars for purchase. I may only be able to see it there because of the BB pre-order, I dunno but go
check it out, if you see it there you can buy it with points. If not, then they havent opened it up yet.

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