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Originally Posted by FwdFtl View Post
Mikeith means business

I have to ask, with all the preparation you have, what do you do when someone in your household is showing signs of "infected" and you can't quite tell if they're just getting sick or transforming into your enemy?
take no chances lol... even with loved ones. signs of bites or infection, fever etc. first restrain said person in a safe area and try to treat with meds incase its just an infection from a cut or something and not "the infection"(me being in sterile cloths, gloves and gas mask of course) and wait. if they turn put em down, if they heal let em go.

btw few more things worth having are some "cheap guns" for bartering like single shot, shot guns(you can seriously buy these for as cheap as $50-100.

you cant make gas but you can make bio-diesel. get a book on how to do so.

a good hand syphon pump will be good for all kinds of things like keeping you mobile. once you decide to get that way.

between watching ALOT of man-vs-wild, other various survival shows, zombie movies and being a gun nut since i was a kid, i think i would get by ok in the even of something like this ever actually happen although the likelyhood of it is probably impossible. i've had some moderate gun training but there are 2 magpul shooting classes i REALLY want to take and plan on taking over the two years. they cost 1500-1700 each once you include ammo because you run through 2000 rounds over 3 days on each course!

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