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Originally Posted by amglol View Post
if you had people wanting to take pictures with a mustang daily, you need to move out of the boonies... i'm not even going to address the ridiculousness of the 911 comment...

i had a mustang gt for over a year before selling it and buying the m3, and i had maybe three or four people even look twice at it, and those time were because of the red leather interior that made it stick out.

BMW, regardless of the model, garners more attention than a Mustang.
I can't speak for a "regular" Mustang but in 2006 and 2007 I rented Shelby GTH Musangs from Hertz. I have never been in a car that attracted that much attention. In 2006 we were staying at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club in Naples Florida. There was someone else staying there who had an identical Hertz GTH rental (they were all black with gold stripes). The valets would park the two of them next to each other in front of the main entrance. Whether there was one or two of them parked in front they always attracted a lot of attention, There were a lot of nice cars coming in and out including Bentleys, Ferraris, etc. but it was the two Hertz Shelbys that attracted the most attention. People waved at me at lights, came up to me in parking lots and I even had a Fort Lauderdale police officer come up to me to talk about the car. He was a huge Mustang fan and had a Shelby of his own.

Go figure!


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