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Originally Posted by hubbman View Post
Eh, this requires the removal of the ECU to be flashed correct?

If so I'm not interested in this approach, as i would want the ability to revert back to the original tune prior to having the car serviced. For that reason I'm only interested in ECU tunes that are issued with a hand held flash device that I can do at home.

If you guys can do this, that would be great, you're right down the street from my office and I've already met Mike, hes a good guy!

We actually do in-house Active Autowerke ECU tuning. You do not need to remove your ECU. We hook up directly to your OBD port and tune the vehicle. This is a custom tune tailored to your specific modifications and vehicle. You will not have the ability to revert back to stock on the fly, but if the dealership for some reason updates your ECU, we offer a one time flash back to the tuned file for free.