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Originally Posted by mesier1111 View Post
I buy a car PURELY from the performance end, and there is PLENTY of easy suspension mods, tire/wheel mods that would make it so it wasn't just 0-60 times. I never, ever just talked about 0-60 times. I talked about other mods that would bring it to the same level on the track.
There are many factors that go into making a fast track car. Are you interested in getting the lowest laptimes with the lowest dollar spent? Honestly, I don't think ANY new BMW fits that description..... especially the E92 M3.....

So, "purely from the performance end" -- could mean something totally different depending on where you want the car to perform. Street or track. And how much you value comfort and getting "the whole package." That's where the M3 comes in. Again, lower laptimes can be achieved by spending a whole lot less money on a more track-focused car to begin with..... Or, if you want to spend $65K like you would on an M3, a C6 Z06.