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Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
I would flee to the nearest gun store and stock up HEAVILY. I'm sure most households don't have the proper weapons to defend themselves against a zombie outbreak.
i've put alot of thought into this and/or any other kind of apocalyptic event my next house will have a dedicated gun/safe room in the basement with a small lead lined closet within(cost of lead lining is too high to do the whole thing)

problem is that IF this has happened, someone living closer to the gun shop than you has already though of this and its already been wiped out and or held up. the BEST thing you can do have a system and or immediate people around you that you know will be stocked up. know who your "gun nut" neighbors are and if they have been turned or not. if they have then its fair pickens... if not pair up. the stronger your group the better.

things to have:

- about 2-3 weeks worth of food and sealed water.
- good medic kit, including painkillers, a good supply of antibiotics(pill and topical) and the rest of the basics
- two full tanks of butane and a good compact gas stove
- good Molle backpack
- fire starter kit
- a couple books on survivalism
- lots of rechargeable batteries
- solar power USB and battery charger... i.e.
- gas mask

GUNS: you really only need 4-5 guns to KEEP for the any kind in the event of a zombie or other end world disaster. doesnt hurt to have more for bartering but these are the ones you give up under NO circumstance. (below is my preferences feel free to change for whatever you feel necessary and i will list my reasoning for said weapon below it)
- mid caliber rifle: Noveske 10.5" M4 .556 Carbine (dressed out)(.556 ammo is cheap for and it is super reliable, and ammo will be easy to scavange)

- handgun: S&W M&P. 9mm and/or .40.
(this gun is tuff as nalails and easy to breakdown/clean etc etc. 9mm ammo will be cheap to buy pre apocalypse but .40 will be easy to scavenge post since most police departments use this caliber)

- 12 gauge shotgun: Remington 870.
(good ol reliable! SBS'd down to 12" carry purposes 50/50 split of buck/bird shot rounds)

- small caliber rifle: Custom Ruger 10/22
(you WILL need to scavange for small game eventually, you can stock up on TONS of .22 ammo cheap and this allows you to save your more important larger caliber ammo for when you really need it)

- large caliber rifle: 7.62 chambered AR barreled for long range shooting(depending on what kind of apocalypse it is you may/may not need this and it also may depend on your geographic location.)

- machete/short sword: Swamp Rat knives "Rodent Waki"
(kind of in between, battel ready and just flat out bad ass... dont have but want)

- survival/tactical knife: lot of choices by TOPS knives
(i have three and love them all)

another good choice is the cold steel recon tanto(this thing is bullet proof lol)

- crossbow: Excaliber Phoenix recurve
(lightweight, compact, reusable ammo... enough said)

- protective gear: can be lots of things, mine would be old moto gear, to cover limbs and what not to protect from zombies munching on you.

Originally Posted by Gavin@MMW View Post
Lol well they can go about 2-3 months without food if you follow comics/movies. and what I mean by "forever" is a person will run out of energy, I dont care who you are, you cant run forever. A Rager can. So it will get you unless you out smart it.

Ragers dont become walkers, its a different virus - and ive yet to see them come together. so if you kill a Rage zombie, its closer to killing a human, because its technically "alive", you just cure it... with death.

This excludes the "T-Virus" which mutates and can infect anything, and amplify characteristics of its host, the T virus is not limited to Zombies, its in a totally different category lol

Yes... Im a horror junkie.
Good to see another RE nut on here lol!

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