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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
Funny you mention Hertz. A few years ago I had a Mustang from Hertz for a few months. It was a white 2009 I believe, base model. You would not believe the amount of attention I'd get. People would come over and ask to take a picture with it. This happened daily, at convenience stores, rest stops, gas stations, outside of restaurants, you name it. As far as the general public appears to be concerned, the M3 might as well be a Camry compared to a Mustang, let alone a GT. I'd also argue a GT turns a good bit more heads than a 911. It's a much louder (in a parking lot), attention getting, look-at-me car than either a 911 or a M3.
Maybe it's a regional thing. I don't know how east or west you are in PA but here in firmly Midwest Ohio, there are tons of mustangs and the vast majority are base model V6s driven by non enthusiasts (my assistant drives one). Other than loud, heavily modified GT500s, mustangs certainly do not raise eyebrows. On the other hand there are parts of the country (los Angeles, NY area, etc) where BMWs and Porsches blend in a lot more. Out here, sadly, a 911 is fairly noticeable. What I'd really like is something that performs like a Ferrari 458 but looks to passersby like a Civic.