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I did. Sad, but it wasn't the right car for me.. Too big, too heavy, gets horrible mileage for no good reason, too much power for DD (can't go full throttle, can't redline)... So I thought what's the point? I do track my cars, and tracking M3 is very expensive as well. The power is good at the track, but not the weight..

So I decided to split the M3's personality. I now have a MINI Cooper S as a DD, and sometime in the future I'll buy a track car. Porsche 944 seems to be the best candidate. In the mean time, I'm tracking the MINI, and I have to say I'm glad with this decision. I've heard this from many instructors as well: M3 is a wrong car to learn HPD.

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hi all,

just curious, if anyone here bought or you know if someone who bought an E9X M3, but later regretted
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