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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
This is kind of bizarre. A Mustang GT is significantly more flashy than a M3 and garners far more attention.
Debatable maybe. But it also looks like it could be a Hertz rental car. It may be a bit shouty-er or boy-racer-ish in some ways but also less expensive than the M3. But my point was not that the M3 is less flashy than the Mustang. My point is that the M3 and Mustang are both less flashy than a 911. In simple colors (black, silver, gray) the M3 looks like any 3 series to most people and the Mustang GT looks like a any other Mustang V6. Either car could be worth <$30K to the average Joe.

On the other hand, a Porsche 911, while by no means an exotic, triggers more notice by the average non-car-person.

The reason I had originally picked the Mustang over the M3 was to be able to treat it like crap and not care. But it turns out, I just didn't enjoy it enough. I'd rather have the M3 and deal with the concerns over street parking, road salt, dings and wear and tear. It's still worth it.