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Originally Posted by cmk227 View Post
The point is that you liberal want to make it a race card. The fact is that Herman Cain is doing well on the polls since he is a conservative and it upset you guys that Obama can't use the race card against him.

Don't worry about it. He wants to say Obama expansion of gov't is only because of troop deployment. Obama believes that gov't is the answer.

Yes, I am a conservative and ex military. I would be a bite more embarrassed to be consider a liberal.
Actually, I would be embarrassed if I was an illiterate trying to post in this forum.
But why would I be embarrassed to be a liberal, because you say so?

Nobody's making anything a "race card". Herman Cain's no different than Alan Keyes, this is nothing new. Stop putting words into my mouth. And I guarantee that Cain will be done soon - he will NOT be the nominee.

As for Obama, when will you guys stop repeating Fox News propaganda, and stick to facts? I don't give a rat's ass as to what you think Obama thinks. He simply has not expanded government, and unless you can prove otherwise, take your ball and go home.